Check-in & Check-Out

When checking-in and checking-out is required by your representing company, you will need to make sure to enable your location settings on your phone. Please click here to learn how to turn on your location settings!

From the Promomash dashboard:

  1. Click the check-in icon (if you don't see your check-in icon you might need to confirm your event first)
  2. Click the check-in button (a notification will show 'You have checked in')
  3. Click the purple arrow to see more information on the event
  4. Click the Details icon
  5. Scroll to your timeline and verify that the address is listed. (If not, please refer to the link above on turning on your location settings)
  6. Click the X on the top of both detail and check-in pages to go back to your dashboard
  7. When you have completed your event, click on the check-out icon to go to the check-out page
  8. Click the check-out button (a notification will show 'You have checked out')
  9. Click the X on the top of your  check-out page to go back to the dashboard
Check out the video below on how to check-in and check-out!

If you have any further questions, please contact us at or click on the contact us button in the top right of the screen.

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