How Does Promomash Bill Me?

We invoice on the 1st of each month for the current month's subscription fee, unless the subscription is paid annually. If any new clients come in after the 1st, then the subscription will be prorated based on the # of days remaining in the month. 

Each month after, the new invoice will include the current month's subscription fee plus any remaining demos that were completed in the prior month and exceeded the subscription agreement. 

With that said, we don’t include every event when billing our clients. Below are some status exceptions that aren't included on the invoice:

  • Declined Demos
  • Demos deleted before the 1st
  • Future Demos
  • Demos that still show “Need to Schedule”
  • No BA demos (events that weren’t assigned)

Let's look at this example together:

ABC Inc was billed on March 1 for $607.

ABC is on the Growth Plan of $599 and includes 100 demos each month. Any time they schedule over 100 demos, the balance is charged at +$4/demo. They completed 102 demos in February and were billed for the new month on March 1. The new invoice included March's subscription fee of $599 + $8 for the remaining balance of demos completed in February. The total bill was for $607.

Hopefully, this article helps you understand your billing a little better, but if you still have questions, please contact your dedicated CSM or our Happiness team at by clicking the "contact us" button in the top right of the screen.

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