Open Shift Scheduling - A Deep Dive

In this video & help doc we’re going to get into some of the more advanced features of Promomash’s open shift scheduling capability. (If you haven’t seen it already, you’ll first need to check out our “Open Shift Scheduling Quick Start” video, so you can understand the basics before you use these more advanced features.)

Help Doc

You may be wondering, “what are some of the things I can do to be even more productive and efficient?

  1. Click on the Brand Ambassador(BA) icon for an event of interest and the Event Details dialog window for that event will appear. This is where you can further specify or change many of the event settings as you prefer

    1. You’ll see the event name, which you can modify directly from this window
    2. Next is the date and shift information (which includes the start time, end time, and duration), which you can view but not modify here. You’ll need to go back to the main calendar list to modify those
  2. Next, you’ll see where you have the ability to override the wage for all BAs assigned to this event and shift. Normally, the BA will be paid according to the default value that you have set up in your account settings, and if you don’t do anything here, that’s what will happen. However, if you have a special wage for this event that is different from the default value, you can set the special wage override here with either an hourly or flat rate.

    1. Please note that all BAs working this event will get whatever you set here as an override. When you close the event detail dialog window, notice that the special wage is now reflected in the upper right corner of the event we just edited
  3. Back in the Event Details window, you will also see the number of staff openings for this shift, which you can click on the pencil icon to change
  4. Below that, you will see here the likelihood of adequate coverage

    1. Again, this indication is based on how many positions you need to cover vs. the number of candidates in your BA pool. So if your indication is red (for too low coverage), you might want to expand the BA pool by increasing the distance from the venue. Or, you might want to narrow the BA pool even if the event is green, for example if you want BAs with certain characteristics or certifications
  5. To narrow or expand the BA pool of candidates for this event, just click on the “Modify BA Pool” button
  6. By default you will be shown a list of all of the BAs in your database and those within a 50-mile radius will be checked. These BAs with check marks are your BA pool, at this moment
    1. If you would like to narrow the selection of BAs in that pool, you can filter some of them out by using any of the fields on the left in the filter pane. If you don’t want to use filters, you can add to or subtract from the pool by manually checking or un-checking names in the list
    2. Please note that all of these checked BAs are the ones who will be notified when this event is created
  7. When you are happy with the BA pool that has been created (which is to say, the group with the check marks), click Apply Changes in BA Pool and make sure that you are now happy with any changes in the coverage rate indicator

If you have any further questions, please contact us at or click on the contact us button in the top right of the screen.

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