Approvals - Approving Submitted Events

After reports have been completed and submitted by the Brand Ambassador (BA), the event status will change from Report Due/overdue to Pending Approval. This stage is the perfect opportunity to review the report, the sales, photos and expenses. Typically, we would recommend that the supervising manager check in to the Approval section every 2-3 days. We don't send a notification when the status changes so make sure to review periodically.

Basics Steps:

  1. Click on Approve & Pay
  2. Click on Approve Submitted Events
  3. On the approval summary page, you can review the event summary including:
    1. Event name
    2. Promotion name - the promotion name the event was assigned to
    3. Region - if region is assigned to your venues the region name will show here
    4. BA Name
    5. Start Date -  date of demo
    6. Report Date - date event report submitted by BA
    7. Total Expenses - a sum of all expenses submitted by the BA
    8. # of Expenses  - number of different expense types submitted by the BA
    9. # of Photos  - number of photos submitted by the BA
    10. Total Due  - sum of all expenses, wage + additional bonus/deductions for the event

Seeing More Details During the Approval Stage:

  1. Next, click on any event name and you will see the full details of that event. On this page, you have many options:
    1. Payment Override - update the per-hour or Flat Fee wage or enter an addition (bonus) or deduction
    2. Approve - approve report for payroll processing
    3. Request Revision - send back report to the BA to update or revise
    4. Activity Timeline - review all previous activity related to the event
    5. Inventory table with sales (or without) - inventory and sale the BA reported back for the event
    6. Report Questions & Answers

If you have any further questions, please contact us at or click on the contact us button in the top right of the screen.

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