Mileage Reimbursement

If you reimburse your employees for mileage, please follow the steps below in order to make the changes in your Promomash account.

The IRS has just announced a new rate of $.58 per mile for 2019
  1. From the Menu, click on Admin
  2. Under Expenses, click on Mileage Calculations
    1. Make sure your mileage calculation is enabled by clicking the circle next to Enable Mileage Calculations
  3. To set a flat rate per mile, enable Set a Flat Rate Per Mile, and enter the amount you would like to reimburse your employees for each mile they drive
  4. To set a tiered approach to your mileage reimbursement, enable Set a Tiered Rate Per Mile, and complete the rates for which you would like to reimburse your employees for their mileage

If you need additional assistance setting this up, please reach out to

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