Brand Manager Training

We understand that no one eats all 3 meals in one sitting. In light of that, we offer multiple sessions to help anyone with brand manager access learn Promomash "one plateful at a time." You can share with your team or sign up below for specific sessions.   

Sign up here for  First things First with Manager Access

  • Accessing your account
  • The Mega Menu (and possible missing items)
  • The Event Workflow Overview (RSVP-REPORT-REVIEW-PAY)
  • Scheduling Basics & Database Management
  • Tracking payments with Promomash
  • Where to find Completed Reports
  • Q&A

Sign up here for Scheduling Events with Manager Access

  • Introduction to the 3 Event Types
  • Review the Event Workflow (RSVP-REPORT-REVIEW-PAY)
  • How the Database Matters When Scheduling
  • Choosing the BEST Scheduling Module
  • Using Map and Calendar to Optimize the Team
  • Creating Multiple Events for Time Savings

Sign up here for Approve & Pay with Manager Access

  • Pending Approval & Payment Due Stages
  • Approving Submitted Reports
  • To Approve or Not to Approve
  • Editing Reports for Accurate Data
  • After Approvals - Payroll Management
  • The Approved Events "Bucket"
  • Generating Payroll Reports & Invoices
  • Back-up & Historical Record Keeping

Sign up here for Reporting & Analytics with Manager Access

  • Reports & Photo Galleries
  • Sales Results
  • Q&A  - Quantitative & Qualitative
  • Raw Data (Or Pivot Table Dreamland)
  • PS. We love Data Science

If you have any further questions, please contact us at or click on the contact us button in the top right of the screen.

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