Creating and Adding Venues for Scheduling

  1. Adding Venues With Google Search Engine (This is one of our newest options, so if you would like to turn it on, let our support team know!)
  2. Adding Venues One at a Time

You may prefer one way over the other, so please feel free to explore the step-by-step instructions below for all four methods. (You can also check out our newest feature - adding demos on the fly!)

Adding Venues With Google Search Engine

In the Single Event Scheduler area, you can easily add venues using Google's massive search engine.

  1. Login to your account
  2. Click on Schedule Events
  3. Under the Schedule Single Events column, select any scheduler option
  4. When you can't located a venue by searching for the city/street, you can use the "Add Venue" hyperlink to search, name and add a location to your database
  5. Search for the name of the location, or the street. You can also click on the map to pinpoint the location
  6. Make sure the name of the location is unique, select the region (if regions are active)
  7. Click Save and you are done! The store will be available for future scheduling, and will automatically be applied to the event that you are creating

Adding Venues One at a Time

  1. Login to your Account
  2. Click Set Up, located on the menu at the top
  3. Under the Lists section, click Venues
  4. Click Create Venue
  5. Fill in the mandatory fields to add the new venue:
    1. Venue Name - Please use a unique name with the Trade Chain and the Location name. For example, Whole Foods - Arroyo instead of just Whole Foods
    2. The street address and building number
    3. The City
    4. The State
    5. The Zip
    6. Region (if list is provided, please select the region so the reporting will include that venue)
  6. After completing any additional fields, click Save and you are done!

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