Getting to Know Your Dashboard

As we learn how to best serve our clients, we are implementing as many tools for your time-savings and efficiencies as we can.

On the home-screen, you'll see we've added a new Dashboard containing two initial widgets. Keep an eye out for new updates to the homepage dashboard as we are creating this to be your central hub to success!

Check out the details below:

  1. Get Things Done! With this new widget, you will see all the important action steps in the system you currently need to take care of. This includes approving reports, managing payroll and event details, along with much more!
  2. Event Status Stages: This widget will show you where you are in each stage of your events. A few examples include events that are waiting a response, event reports due and when an event is scheduled. (Soon you'll be able to click right on each status link and immediately be taken to the specific page of events you need to address!)

You can select to Show/Hide each widget by selecting the widget you wish to see in the drop-down menu

We're continually working to improve our system and hope you utilize all the tools we are starting to roll out.

If you have any further questions, please contact us at or click on the contact us button in the top right of the screen.

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